Dear Student,

It gives me immense pleasure to reach out to you on behalf of MGM INSTITUTE OF NURSING EDUCATION, Aurangabad. Dramatic changes in health care environment are impacting professional nursing practice in a variety of settings and providing new opportunities for expanding the role and function of the nurse. Professional nurses are needed to balance clinical outcomes, functional outcomes, quality of care, patient satisfaction and financial outcomes in traditional and non‐traditional settings, as they redefine roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for rendering quality patient care. While the primary role of a nurse will continue to be the delivery of direct patient care, increasing emphasis must be placed on coordination and facilitation of care through personal and professional development.
The staff of this college supports health care reform efforts to improve quality and access to care to maximize nursing expertise through critically evaluating the elements of nursing care and eliminate those that are inefficient, are not integral to improve patient care delivery, patient satisfaction, and optimal outcomes for safe, accountable and responsible practice.

We are trying our best to give the best possible educational training for our students with a view to equip them to develop basic skills in teaching, management and research in nursing settings. To enter into the successful career, I welcome you whole heartedly.

Ms. Bidyarani Yumnam

M.Sc in Obstetrics andGynecological Nursing
(Principal MGM's, Institute of Nursing Education, Aurangabad)