Aim of the Facilities

The sports facility is an integral part of educational activity to keep students physically and mentally healthy for this, MGM has established huge sports complex with indoor and outdoor game facilities. The total area of sports complex is 97400 sq. m. out of which sports building area is 2151.61 sq. m. and area of courts is 18793.66 sq. M.


All the staff members are the members of sports club. 
All the staff members of MGM institution can avail the facilities in the sports complex without any charge.
The members can avail the facility and can only bear the expenses of consumables at their own cost or can bring their own kits.

Admission Procedure

1. Registration for membership 

2. Issue of blank registration form from the office 

3. Duly filled membership form along with a passport size photograph and membership fee form should be submitted to authority through the sport in charge of JNEC . 

4. Deposition of registration fee for outside members only.

5. The identity card will be given to members by incharge, MGM'S Sports complex